Our Approach

OVATION uses our proprietary Big Three ™ approach to speaker training.

The Big Three™: Clear. Confident. Compelling.

A well-crafted audience centred speech. Engaging examples and relevant information. A clean speech delivered dynamically. No matter how it is stated, excellent public speaking can consistently be distilled to the Big Three: Clear. Confident. Compelling.™


OVATION programs use the Big Three™ model of speaking, focusing wholly, or in part, on:

  1. The Audience
  2. Non-Verbal Communication
  3. Vocal Variety
  4. The Art of Persuasion
  5. Managing Nervousness

Your OVATION Trainers are …


… highly talented and experienced speakers who design and deliver dynamic and successful public speaking programs in Canada, the United States, the Middle East, the Far East, and Southeast Asia.

Jan Bailey


With a 25-year career in broadcasting, acting, and adult education, Jan Bailey is a highly experienced speaker and facilitator who has designed and delivered hundreds of workshops on public speaking, stage presence, on-camera presentations, and communication.

She has extensive on-camera experience as a television host and actor and currently works with professionals to enhance their effectiveness in speaking, communicating, and leadership.

Jan holds a Master of Adult Education and Training degree and has extensive teaching experience as a professor of communications at a technical college.

A talented and accomplished writer, Jan researched and published a ten-part series of books on career planning along with numerous television documentaries.

A seasoned competitor in Toastmaster’s speaking competitions, Jan also has extensive business experience in management, consulting, and career development.

Shona Welsh


Award-winning speaker Shona Welsh holds a Master’s degree in Workplace Learning and is a Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL).

The winner of numerous Toastmasters International speech contests, Shona placed second at the World Semi-Finals of Public Speaking in 1998 and has gone on to develop and deliver thousands of keynote speeches, workshops, seminars and classes since then in public speaking, leadership, and communications.

Her experience in the political arena includes speech writing and presentation coaching for federal and provincial elected officials, as well as campaign speech writing for numerous candidates.

Shona is the award-winning author of five books and numerous articles on training, leadership, and communications, and has held senior executive positions responsible for training and leadership development in numerous organizations along with teaching roles at colleges and universities.